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Crypto BotWe develop BOTS (programs) for trading purpose.

Following here the bots we build:
Just REMIND that every program will be connected to your Binance APIs and you don't need to share them with anybody else.

Binance Signals Bot

This bot is scanning all the Crypto Coins in Binance exchange to find those with big volumes and price Spikes (negative or positive) returning them to the user as a good opportunity of investment.
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Crypto Ninja Bot

I made this Bot to manage high volatility situations in crypto market, for example with Pumps.
All you have to do is to input the profit you want to make, the stop-loss and the name of the Coin...
The bot will make everything for you really fast. This is really suggested to manage Pump and Dump.
The New Listing feature of this Bot is really useful when a new coin is listed on Binance
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Pump Wizard Bot

ThisĀ  Bot can predict the Coin that will be Pumped for planned PumpandDumps a few seconds before everybody else. A smart and fast data analysis does the magic.
When it finds the right Coin it buy it and take profit.
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Binance AnnounceĀ Bot

This Bot is reading Binance Announcements over the telegram channel and when it finds some improvement or support for some specific Coin it buys it and take profit few seconds later.
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